Gambar Desain Rumah Mungil

Expensive land prices in Jakarta. Even in one of the real estate was pegged for 25 million per square meter. For the moneyed price might not matter that much, as long as you satisfy the owner either for the purpose of life kenyamaan want anything for a prestige. For among the many offered with a limited income or a very simple simple house by the developer. In accordance with its name, the soil is made so small. For now a small housing is typically offered by land approximately 60 m2.

Building Size standards are usually 21 m2 or 36 m2. Frankly, the house that much size really too narrow to be able to live comfortably. Come located far away on the outskirts of Jakarta there, arrived at the house even shortness of breath, because it would be difficult selonjor. To get some relief, the house needs redesigned with an optimal space management. Because the school is not an architect, but like a scribble, then the design is the version I like the picture below.