Netherlands Wood Home Design


House Bierings is a wood home design of a most unique shape. This interesting home in Utrecht, Netherlands stands out in its rural setting. The countryside wood home by Netherlands Architects Rocha Tombal features protruding windows of varying shapes and sizes, also clad in wood, dotting the unconventional home’s exterior. The sleek roof is clad in wood as well, with roof edges being flash with the walls. “From a basic form, defined by the municipal urban plan, sculptural ‘eyes’ emerge with direct views to the varied countryside landscape,” explains the architect. This odd design translates into quite unusual interiors. A sloping ceiling at ground level features skylights that flood the living areas and kitchen with natural illumination, which the architect describes as “fingers of light.” An expansive glass wall in the kitchen overlooks a garden, adding yet another element of nature into this contemporary style house. Minimalist interiors do a marvelous job of highlighting the home’s tall ceilings and fascinating architectural features. Rocha Tombal
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